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Jaye's Halloween Pictures!

Well, it's the time we've all been waiting for. The time where Jaye dresses up as something hideous on Halloween to make herself look even uglier. Check out her new pictures on her MySpace.


AlwayzKickinIt [12:51 A.M.]: JAYE GOT NEW PICS!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:52 A.M.]: lmaooo
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:52 A.M.]: show me!
AlwayzKickinIt [12:52 A.M.]: *link*
AlwayzKickinIt [12:53 A.M.]: *link of Jaye picture* holy teeth
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:53 A.M.]: lmfao
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: hahah
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: omfggg
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: why would she make herself uglier?
AlwayzKickinIt [12:54 A.M.]: lmaooo
AlwayzKickinIt [12:54 A.M.]: i didn't think it was possible!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: *Jaye picture link*
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: me neither!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: *twitch*
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: haha
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: she makes the girl next to her actually look decent looking
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:55 A.M.]: omg is she a groupie?
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: lmao looks like it
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: oh gawd
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: which self respecting band member would sleep with her?!
AlwayzKickinIt [12:56 A.M.]: lmao
AlwayzKickinIt [12:56 A.M.]: the guys from Puddles
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: hey! zoloft is hot!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:57 A.M.]: the lesbians said so
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:57 A.M.]: maybe effexor
AlwayzKickinIt [12:57 A.M.]: lmao
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OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:57 A.M.]: maybe effexor

Whore. You'd date her just to make you feel better about yourself.

Blah, I'm glad I don't have a Myspace or else I would've seen the uglyness.
Oh gawd. Yeahh, I'm not even gonna comment on those pics.

I registered on Myspace to see what the hype was all about. >/loser
haha, you guys actually started a group about this? Though I guess her ugliness deserves one.
You know you love it.

And she is not ugly. Ugh. She is beautiful inside.
I was browsing around livejournal and searching for "hawtness" I came to this community! I am so glad I found it, it feels like my whole life has changed after I saw this unique face of Jaye! It is so hard to sleep at nights and even when I do, I wake up screaming.
Lmaooo. Welcome to Jaye's ElJay!