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Save a horse, ride a Jaye's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Save a horse, ride a Jaye

P R O F I L E - F R I E N D S - J O U R N A L - C a l e n d a r - U P D A T E

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OMG [Monday
October 23rd, 2006 at 10:32am]

[ mood | emo *cuts* ]

JAYE F'N DEFRIENDED ME! I'm upset lmao.. is that weird?! Now we can't see her new pics ugh. We need to make a fake MySpace and have it be a really hot guy in her area, friend her, and stay friends with her >/desperate.


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El Jaye Update! [Wednesday
June 21st, 2006 at 10:49am]

[ mood | shocked ]

Since Jaye's MySpace is private, I thought I'd give you guys the update on our beauty queen of only eighteen...

-She recently had surgery on her mouth (hmm) and it was wired shut. She couldn't eat real food for two weeks.

Um, that's about it. Anyway, she posted new pictures and lmao, I had to share.

She fixed her teeth! Sort of..Collapse )

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Jaye's Mouth Has Been Around [Wednesday
March 1st, 2006 at 1:59am]

[ mood | gasp! ]

Jaye posted a bulletin today, marking the different ways she has kissed. 33 different ways! Are you serious? How does this thing kiss more than us?!

Straight from her MySpace bulletin...

I've kissed someone...
01. [x] on the cheek.
02. [x] on the lips.
03. [x] french style
04. [x] on their hands or fingers.
05. [x] in my room.
06. [x] in their room.
07. [x] of the opposite sex.
08. {x] of the same sex (LYK WHOA, our little Jaye is gay!)
09. [x] a little younger than me.
10. [x] a little older than me.
11. [x] with black hair.
12. [x] blonde hair and blue eyes.
13. [x] with brown hair
14. [] with red hair (She doesn't like the fire crotch ppl)
15. [x] with straight hair.
16. [x] shorter than me.
17. [] with a tounge ring.
18. [xxxxxx] who i truly love/loved.
19. [x] who was drunk. (Well, duh. Nobody is going to kiss her when they're sober)
20. [] who was high
21. [x] in the morning.
22. [] right after waking up
23. [x] just before bed.
24. [x] late at night.
25. [x] I had just met
26. [x] who I really didn't want to kiss. (Who is she to not want to kiss someone?)
27. [x] just talking, not dating.
28. [x] on a bed.
29. [] in a graveyard.
30. [] at school.
31. [x] against a wall. (OMG JAYE LIVES OUT OUR FANTASIES)
32. [] at a play
33. [] at the beach.
34. [] at a concert.
35. [x] in a pool
36. [x] who was/is a good boyfriend/girlfriend
37. [] in the rain.
38. [] with an STD probably
39. [] in the shower
40. [x] in a car/taxi/bus.
41. [] in the movies.
42. [x] in a bathroom/laundry room (Aw, Chan. We have something in common with Jaye)
43. [x] in the dark
44. [] on a roof top.
45. [] under water
46. [] while driving
47. [x] a stranger
48. [x] more than one person at once (one after the other). (Probably at one of those drunken parties)
49. [] crying
50. [] goodbye forever
51. [x] when I was drunk
52. [] who didn't speak english
53. [] in a hot tub


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JAYE'S AIM! [Friday
November 25th, 2005 at 3:28am]

[ mood | stalkerish ]

Jaye posted a bulletin on MySpace and she filled out a survey. One of the questions asked for her screen name. She answered it. Woo! For further stalkage, IM Jaye at ..


We so have to invite her to a chat one day.

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Jaye's a celebrity [Wednesday
November 9th, 2005 at 5:07pm]

So, I saw Chicken Little this weekend. The movie was 'meh' but holy crap, I could not stop laughing. Why, you ask? Because our friend Jaye might as well been in that movie. See for yourself.

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Jaye's Halloween Pictures! [Tuesday
November 1st, 2005 at 12:57am]

[ mood | amused ]

Well, it's the time we've all been waiting for. The time where Jaye dresses up as something hideous on Halloween to make herself look even uglier. Check out her new pictures on her MySpace.

Beware: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=29121083&friendName=J*A*Y*E%26hearts%3b&Mytoken=A31D77BF-E8DF-4322-A812FA724059E65A1062403890

AlwayzKickinIt [12:51 A.M.]: JAYE GOT NEW PICS!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:52 A.M.]: lmaooo
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:52 A.M.]: show me!
AlwayzKickinIt [12:52 A.M.]: *link*
AlwayzKickinIt [12:53 A.M.]: *link of Jaye picture* holy teeth
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:53 A.M.]: lmfao
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: hahah
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: omfggg
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: why would she make herself uglier?
AlwayzKickinIt [12:54 A.M.]: lmaooo
AlwayzKickinIt [12:54 A.M.]: i didn't think it was possible!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: *Jaye picture link*
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: me neither!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:54 A.M.]: *twitch*
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: haha
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: she makes the girl next to her actually look decent looking
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:55 A.M.]: omg is she a groupie?
AlwayzKickinIt [12:55 A.M.]: lmao looks like it
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: oh gawd
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: which self respecting band member would sleep with her?!
AlwayzKickinIt [12:56 A.M.]: lmao
AlwayzKickinIt [12:56 A.M.]: the guys from Puddles
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:56 A.M.]: hey! zoloft is hot!
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:57 A.M.]: the lesbians said so
OnlyLivngBoynNY [12:57 A.M.]: maybe effexor
AlwayzKickinIt [12:57 A.M.]: lmao

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October 28th, 2005 at 7:15pm]

Hello! Welcome to Jaye Lovers, the el 'Jaye' community for our favourite blonde wanna-be photographer.

We welcome all fellow Jayians.

And now a message from the Joker

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